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Cerma STM-3 Advanced Lubrication is a revolutionary technology, which restores engine performance, increases horsepower and torque, prolongs operational life, and continuously cleans vehicle. Applicable to ALL vehicles including cars, trucks, vans, semi-trucks, and industrial and commercial equipment.

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• Cleans and Revitalizes, Protects New and Revives Old •

• Restores Engine and Transmission Performance •

• Reduces Vibration and Noise, and Stops Carbon Deposits •

• Increases Horsepower & Torque, and Improves Fuel Economy •

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"My truck is a valuable tool which helps me earn my living, I'll use Cerma products until they quit making them or I quit driving."

CermaSTM3 Info
CermaSTM3 Motor Oil

Cerma STM-3 Technology is ISO 14034 Verified


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Cerma Engine

Cerma STM-3 Treatments

Cerma Treatments do the initial cleaning work and treat the metal using Cerma's SiC technology. Straight from the start you will see, hear and feel the difference using Cerma STM-3. All Cerma Treatments are designed to release over time, during which Cerma Treatments will restore, clean, lubricate and protect by treating all the metal parts within the system. All Cerma Treatments (except fuel treatment) are “One Time” treatments, meaning after use, you will unlikely need to re-treat!

Cerma Motor Oils

Cerma STM-3 Motor Oils

Cerma Motor Oils are the next generation of professional engine oils, using STM-3 technology to directly address carbon (dirt) formation, oxidation and contamination that regularly occur within standard and synthetic engine oils. No need for fancy filters... Cerma's proprietary RUN CLEAN technology forces the carbon to attract to itself and into the oil flow. Once large enough, these deposits are filtered out through the engine's normal filter system, and continue for the life of the oil!

What can Cerma do for your Vehicle?

All Cerma products come in both Treatment and Oil Form

• Protects New, Revives Old
• Restores Engine and Transmission Performance
• Increases Horsepower & Torque
• Increases Compression
• Fuel Economy (4.2 to 21 % as Tested)
• Reduces Emission Gases (92% as Tested)
• Stops Carbon Deposits
• Optimize Oil-drain Intervals

• Protects New, Revives Old
• Reduced Engine Vibration and Noise (Harmonics)
• Stops Cold Start Problems. (Tested to -40 Deg.)
• Keeps Vehicles on the Road and Running
• Provide Extreme Temperature Protection
• Provide Maximum Wear Protection
• Reduce Friction
• Protect against Acid Buildup

The above improvements have been reported by actual users across a 15 year period.


Read All Testimonials - Click Here


Read All Testimonials - Click Here

I just want to state that other than an amazing product, this company has amazing customer service. The day after ordering my Cerma Engine Treatment I received a call to inform me that I did not need a full 2oz, and then they asked to change my order to a 1oz and refund a portion of my purchase. I also received a complimentary Cerma Fuel Boost 2 Pack. Most companies would have just taken my order and my money, but this shows that these people are honest and care about what they do. Thank you Cerma. -- Tyler C.

2016 Hyundai Veloster Turbo - Tyler C.

This stuff is crazy good although I need to replace injection pump on my Mack 350. The Cerma Engine Treatment for Diesel made the truck run the best it has done for a year. Almost made me forget the pump. Suggestions for a new pump? -- Peter P. via Amazon (Verified Purchase)

Mack 350 - Peter P.

Before using Cerma, this car, a work car with 160K miles, would jerk every time it changed gears... Read More

Before using Cerma, this car, a work car with 160K miles, would jerk every time it changed gears when you drive and the water temperature would be pointed a little over half way up the temperature gauge. I was a little skeptical before but kept reading the testimonials and watching the videos and decided to buy to see how it works.

I followed the instructions on how to add these additives to a "T" and I have to honestly say I am blown away with the results. After adding Cerma Engine Treatment, Cerma Transmission Treatment, and the Cerma Fuel Boost, and revving it for the recommended time for the Cerma Engine Treatment, I took it out for a spin and drove for about 25-30 miles and before I even got to the highway, I felt the transmission shift smooth like it was a new car, and there is a noticeable power difference. I was easily passing up cars that were already going over the speed limit. But the biggest change I noticed after adding Cerma was the temperature difference. This car's normal operating temperature was a little over half the gauge and while I was driving, I could see the needle on the temperature gauge slowly drop the more I drove. I just thought that was just because the air was cooling the radiator while I was on the highway, but I pulled off the highway and came to a stop light and the temperature gauge was still reading cool. Now the gauge only reads a little over 1/4 way up the gauge even while parked and idle.

I am blown away at the results and from what I heard, it is only getting better the more the car is driven.

I'm totally looking forward to adding Cerma to ALL my cars now. I cant wait!! Thank you Cerma!! -- Tuan H.

2002 Honda Accord EX V6 - Tuan H.

I was your biggest skeptic. I bought the Cerma Engine Treatment because of how passionate you were about the product. It has been sitting on my toolbox for months. I put Ii t in the bike today and within an hour I noticed it working. Wish I hadn’t waited so long. What have you got for my tranny? -- Joe Matteis Branford, CT via text from CermaLube

Joe M. Branford, CT

Unbelievable MPG increase!! My new 2015 subaru outback 3000 miles had 27.4 miles per gallon. I added Cerma Engine Treatment to the oil chamber under the hood, reved the engine up to 4000 rpm's for a few minutes, then drove it hard for 30 minutes on streets and freeway mostly. It's been 8 months and this car just keeps climbing in MPG every month. I am currently getting 38.6 MPG!!! Yes I'm very impressed and honestly surprised at the results. It was worth the $$$ for sure. -- Jennifer V. via Amazon (Verified Purchase)

2015 Subaru Outback - Jennifer V.

Update: My 2004 TC now has 349,000 miles. At 288,000. It was using a qt of oil every 500 miles now it uses a qt at 4,000. This van has another 100,000 left easy! It runs great and is the Wade W.. Thank You Cerma!

Original: Just finished 4800 miles on the Cerma Engine Treatment. Wow, my 298,000 mile cab was using a quart of oil every 900 miles. Now not a drop . It runs so quite, you can't hear it run !! I'm impressed! Also added the Cerma Transmission Treatment. As I service my transmissions every 35,000 miles, they are well maintained, but after the transmission treatment you sent, it is much smoother!! Wow!! I have a lot of cabbies asking me about the product. Thank you -- Wade W.

Myrtle Beach Metro Cab - Wade W.

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All Cerma Products are Manufactured and Blended
at our facilities in Denison, TX USA


While we can not promise what level of improvement Cerma products will give you, we do believe in our products 100%. This is why we offer a 90 day, no questions asked money back guarantee.
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Our mission is to provide lubricant and oil formulas to the consumer which promote a longer vehicle life, reduced fuel and oil costs, and a cleaner, longer and better performing engine. Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment, our premier product for engine revitalization, is the result of many years of research and combined study invested into the creation of a lubricant targeted to operate vehicles and equipment at optimal levels. We do not believe in a band-aid approach by using mineral oil or PTFE's to create a temporary fix. All Cerma products are aimed at restoring the engine to peak performance.


About Cerma Industries -- Beyond Synthetic...

We looked “outside-the-box” to find the root issues in vehicle performance. We know there is no one treatment to fixe everything, but the science suggests that the proprietary Cerma STM-3 Technology goes farther then any additive or motor oil (synthetic or otherwise) on the market today. Cerma STM-3 Run Clean Technology directly addresses carbon (dirt) formation, oxidation, and contamination that regularly occur with standard and synthetic engine oils.


From our Founder -- John Murray

While the story behind the manufacturing of Cerma STM-3 is extremely detailed, the basis is quite simple. As a chemical engineer and mechanic by trade, I needed to find a solution to a constant engine problem -- carbon/dirt formation inside the engine. The approach was to address friction and use science to create a complete SELF-CLEANING ANTI-WEAR LUBRICATION SYSTEM inside the engine.

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