FUEL BOOST - Complete System Fuel Additive


FUEL BOOST - Complete System Fuel Additive

For Gasoline or Diesel Engines

Add to Fuel Tank

Cleaning Action, Lubrication, Anti-Gelling, Efficiency, Water Control

Cerma Fuel Boost lubricates and protects the upper engine and prevents costly downtime, and provides unmatched protection. Cerma Fuel Boost is a monthly use fuel additive. Because fuel (gasoline and diesel) encapsulates the lubrication inside the fuel molecules within the hydrocarbon matrix, when the injectors spray the fuel into the system, the lubrication burns off along with the fuel. Cerma Fuel Boost releases the lubrication trapped inside the fuel, and allows the fuel system to properly lubricate. Simple application, add to fuel tank of vehicle and go! For more information on the Cerma STM-3 technology (Click Here).

Key Benefits:

  • • Lubricates and Protects the Upper Engine
  • • Acts as an Octane Booster
  • • Prevents Costly Downtime
  • • Restores Performance
  • • Cleans Injectors and Fuel Tank
  • • Cleans Fuel Lines
  • • Provides Unmatched Protection
  • • Removes Water and Moisture
  • • Conditions the Fuel Pump

For maximum fuel savings and protection, use with Cerma Engine Treatment.

More Information

To Use:

Add 1 dose Cerma Fuel Boost to tank (1/2 empty or less) prior to filling up for 2 consecutive tank refills, then use 1 dose per month or every 1000 miles.

1 dose = 1 two ounce bottle (treats any standard car or pick-up)

Help With / Add to Fuel Tank
Treatment Type2 Fuel Treatment
Fuel Type Gasoline or Diesel
Vehicle Type Autmobiles, Trucks, Motorcycle
Manufacturer Cerma Industries LLC
UPC Code 1 Bottle = 1 Dose Individual 2oz Bottle (650019010202)
Country of Manufacture United States
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