Motor Oil by the Quart


For Gasoline Engines

Autos and Pickups

The World's only Self-Cleaning Motor Oil

Cerma Motor Oils are the next generation of professional motor oils, using our STM-3 (Run Clean) Technology to directly address carbon (dirt) formation, oxidation, and contamination that regularly occur with standard and synthetic motor oils. Cerma Motor Oils will save you money, provide unmatched protection, and keep vehicle on the road and running at peak performance. 

For more information on the Cerma STM-3 technology (Click Here).

Choose Between:

  • •  Cerma Advanced Synthetic Motor Oil for up to 15,000 miles of protection
  • •  CERMAX Advanced Synthetic Motor Oil for up to 30,000 miles of protection


    • •  Self Cleaning Motor Oil with Run Clean Technology
    • •  Engineered for Maximum Performance and Protection in All Engines
    • •  Keeps Vehicles on the Road and Running
    • •  Maximum Wear Protection
    • •  Lubricates and Cleans
    • •  Prevents contaminants from Depositing on Metal Surfaces
    • •  Excellent high and low temperature performance (Fast Cold Weather Starting)
    • •  Improved protection against sludge and harmful deposits
    • •  Excellent fuel economy benefits
    • •  Protects against acid and carbon buildup
    • •  Optimizes Performance for Motors with Turbos
    • •  Optimizes oil-change intervals
    More Information

    Cerma Motor Oils are used the same as any standard motor oil.  

    Going direct to Cerma Motor OIl without Cerma Engine Treatment? --  You will be using the best motor oil on the market today!

    Going straight to Cerma or Cermax Motor Oil without first using Cerma Engine Treatment:

    1.  Change to Cerma or Cermax Motor Oil at oil change

    2.  Continue to change motor oil at manufacturers' recommended oil change intervals

    For maximum oil life and to extend oil drain intervals, first use Cerma Engine Treatment!

    Using Cerma Engine Treatment before switching to Cerma or Cermax Motor Oil:

    1.  Add Cerma Engine Treatment and follow instructions

    2.  Change to Cerma or Cermax Motor Oil at oil change

    3.  Continue to change oil filter at manufacturers' recommended oil change intervals and top off with Cerma or Cermax Motor Oil if needed

    4.  Change motor oil at 15,000 miles (Cerma) or 30,000 miles (Cermax)

    Notation:  Do not add Cerma Engine Treatment and any Cerma Motor Oil at the same time. When using both the Treatment and the Motor Oil, the technology is built as a two-step process, add Cerma Engine Treatment, run the required mileage, and then change oil to Cerma or Cermax Motor Oil.  

    Oil Size Quart
    Fuel Type Gasoline
    Vehicle Type Autmobiles, Trucks
    Manufacturer Cerma Industries LLC
    Country of Manufacture United States
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