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Automatic Transmission ( Autos and Pick Ups)
Manual Transmission ( Autos and Pick Ups)

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Automatic Transmission Treatment

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Manual Transmission Treatment

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Choose between Cerma Automatic Transmission Treatment and Cerma Manual Transmission Treatment.

Cerma STM-3 will restore fast smooth shifting, while giving you protection unmatched by any other product sold anywhere! Cerma STM-3 for Transmissions utilizes our SiC technology to form a micro-ceramic protective coating on all metal parts within your vehicle's transmission or gear box. This will not allow the formation of performance degrading sludge and varnish to form. Simple one-time application, add to vehicle and go! For more information on the Cerma STM-3 technology (Click Here).

Cerma STM-3 for Transmissions:

  • • Restores performance and fixes many transmission issues
  • • Stops slippage, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions
  • • Eliminates most seal leaks and lowers operating temperatures in hard-working units
  • • Ideal for all uses including auto, diesel truck, motor homes and commercial vehicles
  • • Excellent for preventative maintenance and extends fluid life by up to four times
  • • Extends needed protection to planetary gears

NOTE for vehicles with CVT and SVT Transmissions: Cerma Warranty is not valid for CVT or SVT Transmissions of any type due to the large number inherent manufacturer issues. Cerma works well in these types of transmissions with regards to protecting, extending life, and performance, however, Cerma STM-3 Transmission does not fix broken!

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To Use:

For Automatic Transmissions, pour entire contents into Automatic Transmission Fluid and drive for 10 minutes.

For Manual Transmissions, pour entire contents into Gear Oil and drive for 10 minutes.

Help With / Add to Transmission Fluid, Gear Box / Gear Oil
Vehicle Type Autmobiles, Trucks
Manufacturer Cerma Industries LLC
UPC Code Automatic Trans (650019157464) / Manual Trans (650019157457)
Country of Manufacture United States
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